All Your Hygiene Solution

Trinity Products is the sole Manufacturer & Marketer for Brand X-Matic & all its products.

Say NO to Oil & Grease Stains with X-Matic Liquid Dishwasher

X-Matic + Water & together are the best disinfectants.!

All New X-matic Detergent

Every Home is filled with endless love & laundry. X-matic's 2x-Power Detergent Cake, for single swipe effective cleaning

It adds lots of fun to laundry room

Three Simple Steps: 1) Wash, 2) Dry & 3) Fold. Super Natural Detergent Powder

Be clean, Be safe! Be X-matic

You eat what you touch.! X-matic Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% germs in 30 seconds.